Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been around?

For over a decade Cirrus Consulting has helped thousands of health care professionals and client organizations make the perfect match. TODAY CIRRUS CONSULTING IS TAKING STAFFING TO NEW HEIGHTS! We introduced ALTO HEALTH CARE STAFFING, a division of Cirrus Consulting, Inc., and are operating three full service locations in the Midwest and offer career opportunities and staffing services nationwide!

Is there a fee for your services?

There is no fee to the health care candidate seeking a position. I do not charge the candidate a fee or a portion of their salary. Nor does it reflect what salary or hourly rate you will be offered. Most of my clients have recruiting budgets set up and my services are one of the many options they have to choose from to assist them in meeting their needs.

How consistent are the hours?

You can work consistently with gauranteed hours in one of our local or travel contracts and move from one assignment to the next, taking time off when you choose between assignments.

Is there a minimum amount of hours that I have to work PRN?

There is no minimum requirement, work when and where you want to work at your desire. The flexibility and variety is a great benefit to working per diem.

What is the pay?

The pay can vary between client organizations and health care facilities, but Alto always works the highest pay desired and available.

What about working with more than one recruiter?

That is great, the more people you have working for you the better. However, we just ask as a courtesy to all recruiters involved that you monitor the activities and inform all recruiters of where your resume was sent, where you interviewed, etc. and we would not want anyone to trip over each other or duplicate one another’s efforts.

I always wanted to ask for more money but I was afraid to because I did not want to look bad or make them mad. The negotiations were uncomfortable, I was just happy to get the job; do you do that for me?

Absolutely! We are your advocate. We have experience in salary negotiations as well as insight into the market. We offer tools and technology to our clients to help keep wages competitive in the changing market.

What do you do for the client?

We prescreen, pre qualify, interview, reference check, verify past employment, education and licensure information. We help them make the perfect match!

What do you do for the candidate?

We listen to you, do all of the legwork, help build your resume, market your resume, advocate for our candidates, set up interviews, give immediate feedback, negotiate offers, etc. YOUR POSITION IS OUR MISSION!

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